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The Centsables Dash For Cash is for children ages 5-10. It combines fun with financial literacy, encouraging players to calculate currency in order to meet increasing goal amounts, while avoiding obstacles in their path. After successfully completing each board, players discover a fun fact about money.


Kids can choose their favorite Centsable superhero to move across the board. There are twenty levels of play, with increasing amounts of money to be collected.


The game begins with coins and bills descending from the top of the board. Players must grab the correct amount of currency required by each level while avoiding robbers who pop-up from below or parachute down to steal from them.


Along the way, players can make use of power-ups that will add more time, increase or decrease the falling money speed and lower the street height when it rises in later levels.


The Centsables Dash For Cash is based on the Parents Choice Award winning Centsables animated series. It is free, and contains no ads.

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